Wilson Díaz
/Pitalito, Colombia. 1963/

Wilson Diaz Polanco is a visual artist working in several disciplines around his personal history and the political, social and historical reality of Colombia. His practice involves a broad range of mediums that include music, painting, performance art, photography, and video with which he explores the tensions within Colombian imaginaries and the ubiquitous representation of violence in the mass media.

Diaz is a founding member of Helena Producciones, a grassroots artist collective formed in 1998 to build an inclusive creative community in Cali, Colombia, and to produce a performance art festival, with 8 editions to date.
In 2017-2018 he was invited to participate in the residency series of the Berlin Art Program (Berliner Kuenstlerprogramm des DAAD). He lives and works in Cali, Colombia.

Wilson Díaz, Las Emes [La flor caduca de la hermosura de su gloria] (2011)